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Your partner in construction specification writing and related services.
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We are 90% accurate, but 99% on-time.
Open invitation to architects, engineers, and manufacturers. 
Who am I:   I have learned valuable lessons in the last 20 years from PMSM Architects, Perkins + Will, DMJM / AECOM, P2S Engineers, and J.A. Jones Construction Co.
Introducing David Byun:
I am an independent construction specification writer. (I write construction project specification).
I publish "smart" check-list.
I create an electronic catalog and write manufacturers' product specification.
I am on a mission to use the Internet to transform spec writing with the use of "smart" check-list.
Assistance with architectural specification writing is a particular strength of ours. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements, and we will be happy to collaboratively assist you and your staff with our expertise. We can help you with concise language to ensure completeness of your document preparation efforts.
My mentor: Roger Cormier has taught me everything I know at DMJM. He taught me the "Q & A" method that is the genesis of my current checklist method.
My philosophy: Specs should be produced as efficiently as possible, both in time and money.  You can save both time and money by using the "smart checklist" method.  Without it, you will spend too much time and money.  Specs have a specific role in documenting your design.  Don't try to complicate the spec by adding something that actually belongs in the Drawings.  For example, don't specify "where" a particular product is used; that "where" information belongs in the Drawings.


Your first spec section is free. 

10 Best Reasons to work with us:
1. Fixed fee.  Your project budget will not bleed due to re-working specs.  You get the right person at the right time.
Written proposal explains what is included and not included in the fixed-fee proposal.

2. Quick service and on-time delivery. (We understand your profit is tied to schedule).

3. Valuable resource of product knowledge and local product representatives.

4. Qualified and certified: CCA, CCCA, LEED AP, EIT, MCP, and MCTS.

5. Computer savvy (FTP, SharePoint, Revit).

6. SpecsIntact. (military software)

7. The second set of eyes from spec writer’s point of view.

8. Spec process is explained upfront to all design team members.  We highly suggest using the "smart checklist" method.

9. Progress project specs are available for review.

10.  We become your virtual in-house spec writer without the overhead. 


Specs for Architects
   We become "virtual" spec writer to your design team.  Fixed spec fee controls your overall project budget.  We provide on-going support during SD, DD, CD, and CA phase.  Flat fee proposal works well since most of our clients have a set budget for specs.  We can handle scope changes with agreed hourly rate.  Checklist (Q&A) form, along with drawings, will be used as the basis for preparing project specification.  Got military projects? Let us help you with SpecsIntact!

Spec Process
1. Complete the check-list. (you will have unanswered items).
2. Continue to work on the check-list;  complete unanswered items.
3. Use the check-list for the scope of work.
4. Re-use the check-list for your next project. (Never the actual project spec).
5. Repeat the process.

QA/QC Specs for Architects
Is your spec well coordinated with drawings?  We become your third party QC reviewer.  Do this before drawings and specs go out to bid.
Specs for Manufacturers
Do you have CSI 3-part specs ready for Architects to download from your website? Are they formatted correctly? We can do a spec audit to find out if you are ready for business.  We provide a specification for your product.  This makes it easier for architect and spec writers to specify your product.  Let us promote your product.  See a sample Section 061121 Mastic-type Adhesive. 

e-Catalog (e-Binder) for Manufacturers
We provide comprehensive electronic product literature that are an architect, engineer, spec writer, and owner friendly.  Let us help you create a marketing piece that will get you specified and be sustainable at the same time. See complete service offering, examples, and limited introductory pricing. 
What is in e-Binder?
1. Decision tree.
2. Infographics.
3. Product datasheet.
4. CAD drawings.
5. Specifications.
6. Submittal sheets.
7. PO forms.
8. Test data.
9. Warranty.
10. Client list.
11. Project list.
12. Manufacturer's representative contact info.
13. Maintenance instructions.
14. QR code integration.
15. Installation animation.
16. Sustainability literature.
17. Sample request forms.
18. Color charts.
19. Frequently asked questions (FAQ).
20. MSDS.
21. Product comparison.
22. Format: pdf, flipbook, iPad app, iBook.

LEED Credit Contribution Document for Manufacturers 
 Second most requested information by Architects next to 3-part CSI specs are product LEED information.  Get this document right the first time and avoid multiple call-backs for missing information.  Let us help you creat this document.

Submittal Form for Manufacturers 
How many times have you seen Purchase Orders without one or more critical information?  Let us help you create this Submittal Form.
CSI 2004Format
Still using 1995Format?  Let us help you convert to the new 49 Division specifications.  It's painless.  Same content, but with different section numbers.   

10 Design faults to avoid:
1. Owner's master without automatic paragraph numbering is a disaster.  Please, if you insisted on using your master, do all of us a favor and spend some money and get it formatted with automatic paragraph numbering.
2. Table of content with a number of pages in the each section.  Why do we need this information? A number of pages in spec changes often, it changes whenever we make revisions.  They will be wrong anyway. I include which consultant wrote them instead.  During construction administration, we can tell who wrote them easily.
3. Specs with options in bold and bracketed text still in the bid documents. Some of editing comments and options still unresolved.
4. Don't rejoice if project schedule gets pushed back.  You are now eating your profit.
5. No logic in the format of cutsheets, data sheets, etc. from each manufacturer.  It has marketing, sales, data, opinions, etc. all mixed-in.  Please, provide only solid data that you can use to reject sub-par substitutions.
6. Ask the client/owner if project spec needs to be prepared using client/owner master specification.  No sense waiting time using the wrong master. 
7. Messed-up Door Schedule.  This single sheet affects multiple spec sections.  Someone please blog and show us how it should be done correctly.
8. Multiple progress issues with header change.  Please leave the spec alone and just change the spec cover.  Inevitably, someone will still have an out dated header in bid documents.
9. Architect-Consultant Agreement: Make sure your agreement includes specs.  Particularly "CSI 3-part" specs.  The scope of consultants' work should be spelled-out.  If architectural drawing said SEE STRUCTURAL, the structural consultant should cover it both on the drawings and on specs.
10. I love the internet.  Especially the email.  Anything important should be emailed to me.  Please do not call and ramble on-and- on.  I will forget. And it will be a Change Order.  Owner will not be happy. 

10 Best Reasons to use the "smart" Checklist method:
1. Specs always lag drawings.  Use the checklist method to write specs as drawings are produced.


2. Drawings can't show everything.  Use a checklist to convey design intent to spec writer.

3. The checklist is universal.  Can be used by in-house spec writer or independent spec consultant.

4. Use the checklist as in-house corporate memory.  Add products used over and over.  This creates consistency.

5. Checklist minimizes forgotten details.  Keep the list as a reminder of requirements.

6. Update checklist for different types of projects.  DSA, OSHPD, etc.

7. Use as Go-to document for noting what has worked in the past and what has did not.

8. Preparation of specification can be done remotely once checklist is completed  (Anywhere in the world, thank you internet). 

9. Tired of searching the web for suitable products? Don't spin your wheel, read the "smart" checklist for ideas.

10. Design Ecosystem: Find product rep contact information at end of "smart" checklist.

Product Knowledge

"smart" Check-List (commercial projects)
What is the most efficient way to write a specification? Use of checklist.  Best coordinated specs are the result of checklist method.  Don't start designing without reviewing this checklist. 
iPhone users: Scan the QR code below for instant download.

Check-List (residential projects)
Doing high-end residential?

 List of Drawing Callout (Keynote) 

Design Standards / Design Guide for Owners
        Let us create your Owner/District product standards.  We help you streamline products that are used in your facilities. 
Revit Key-noting
Let us help you customize the default key-note picker built-in to Revit.  Why not use your own database that ties into your Office Master Specification?  As you know, the database is just a text file you can modify at will.  

How to avoid awful specs in 3 steps:
1. Allocate budget for specs in your Project Management Plan (PMP).  
2. Use the "smart" check-list to get all materials specified. Your spec is now product driven.
3. Hire spec writer on fixed fee.

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