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My Book
BFC (Better, faster, and cheaper),
An architects' guide to specifications
by David Dal Won Byun, CCS, CCCA, LEED AP
 Table of Contents


Part 1: Design 

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Checklist Method

Chapter 3

Spec writers - architects' best friend.

Chapter 4

Manufacturers' architectural representatives - architects' second best friend.

Chapter 5

Should project managers write the specifications?

Chapter 6

Have the end in mind.

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

PMP: project management plan.

Chapter 9

Master spec subscriptions vs writing from scratch.

Chapter 10

Constrains: Budget, time, and skill levels.

Part 2: Construction Administration

 Chapter 11

The art of writing RFI responses and spotting RFI disguised for substitution request.

Chapter 12

Is it a substitution request?

 Chapter 13

Have you received project cutsheet binder from the design team?

 Chapter 14

Do you have a feedback loop in place?

 Chapter 15

Who wrote it? Look at the TOC.

Chapter 16

Have the end in mind, part 2. 

Chapter 17


Chapter 18


Chapter 19


 Chapter 20


 Bonus Content

B 1

Striking out on your own. 

B 2

Marketing your business.

B 3

Windows 8 App

B 4

About the author: Resume, Bio.

B 5

Client List

B 6

Project List

B 7

Drawing Keynote List

B 8

Product Knowledge